The specific objectives of ENHOJUST

  • Documenting the literature on environmental racism, on the relationship between housing and environment, and on environmental justice; elaborating a concept paper on how environmental racism contributes to injustice and how is the fight for housing in a healthy environment part of the struggle for an antiracist environmental justice.
  • Documenting cases of housing in a toxic environment in Romania (two cases in more details and based on empirical work, and other several cases described via secondary resources and desk research, while also focusing on the effects of living in a toxic environment on health).
  • Documenting international and national legislation regarding environmental racism, housing and environment, and environmental justice.
  • Writing research reports on environmental racism based on our analysis of housing in a toxic environment.
  • Formulating policy recommendations to the Romanian government and local public authorities for measures aiming at antiracist environmental and housing justice, in particular regarding the legal and the de facto ensuring of housing rights in a healthy environment for marginalized and racialized social categories, including Roma.
  • Producing and disseminating visual and textual promotional materials, as means of a media campaign for antiracist environmental and housing justice.
  • Identifying and contacting representatives of the environmental movement from Romania, and of the representatives of organizations operating abroad with similar initiatives.
  • Organizing meetings with representatives of Romanian environmental movements to identify collaboration possibilities for promoting housing in a healthy environment as the purpose of antiracist environmental justice, and eventually to establish a working relationship in order to define shared approaches, identify intersectional demands and think about joint activist actions.
  • Creating bonds with similar initiatives in other countries and organizing online events on the project topic (housing and environment, environmental racism, environmental justice).

Enikő Vincze: Nu piaţa, ci locuinţele publice sunt soluţie la criza locuirii

Interviu cu activista şi cercetătoara din Cluj Napoca despre ”festivalul” recent al mişcării pentru dreptul la oraş şi la locuinţă, despre tendinţele globale curente în politica locuirii, despre istoria mişcării din România, în BARICADA. PORTAL PENTRU CRITICĂ SOCIALĂ, 9 aprilie 2019