ROMEDIN – project summary and partners

“Socio-educational services for Roma inclusion”, the project of Desire Foundation for Social Reflection and Openness empowers civil society (including a grassroots organization of Roma from the Coastei community) to implement an innovative model of intervention that responds to the challenge of marginalization, and to contribute to the implementation of the Cluj-Napoca Development Strategy 2014-2020 in what regards socio-territorial desegregation of the Pata Rât area. The project acts on the behalf of people living in the area by services offered to children that assure their participation on quality formal and non-formal education, but as well as to families with difficulties in order to avoid school abandonment. Moreover, the project operates on the pre-university educational system for developing a network of inclusive schools dedicated to desegregation, inclusive education and education for human rights and social justice, which is able to bring together Roma and non-Roma teachers, parents and children, and to assume a public role in promoting the city’s inclusive and cohesive development. Out of the 690 direct project beneficiaries, approximately 360 belong to disadvantaged areas. Through its information and awareness raising activities the project is expected to have impact on circa 2000 persons.

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The project is implemented by Fundația Desire from Cluj, in a partnership with  Asociația Femeilor Împotriva Violenței – ARTEMIS, Fundația Tranzit, Asociația Comunitară a Romilor din COASTEI, Departamentul de Asistență Socială al Universității Babeș-Bolyai (DAS/UBB) of Cluj-Napoca, Inspectoratul Școlar Județean Cluj and Primăria Municipiului Cluj-Napoca.