ROMEDIN Newsletter nr.17

Besides the After School type activities unfolding in six schools from Cluj-Napoca and those carried out during the community theater and the visual education workshops at the Tranzit House, in January 2016 the ROMEDIN team attended several events and meetings. These had the objective to create partnerships to be continued after the project and also to promote our results.


ROMEDIN Newsletter nr. 16

This issue of the newsletter introduces the interested public into the project actions run under Activity 4.1  – the development of the Cluj Inclusive Schools Network.


Besides presenting the strategic objectives and directions, and the operational programs defined in the Strategy of inclusive schools network in Cluj-Napoca, in issue nr. 16 of ROMEDIN newsletter we also describe the process of elaborating the strategy from the work conducted by our team of specialists (collecting and analysing data on school participation of children with domicile in the Pata Rat area, and on Romanian legislation regarding inclusive education), through the training sessions or workshops that opened up the circle of people who participated on the definition of strategic objectives, directions, operational programs and measures.

In the February newsletter we will present our actions following the latter moment taken up in order to have the Strategy adopted by the relevant actors and to promote it in different circles where it is expected to be implemented.

Newsletter ROMEDIN no. 10

Theatre Forum Program Presentation – Part of Activity 3

 Newsletter 10_July 2015_ROMEDIN

The Forum Theatre (FT) program was conceived as a peer violence prevention activity. FT is a non-formal education method, a social intervention means through which daily life issues can be discussed. It is a category of the “Theatre of the Oppressed”.

ROMEDIN Newsletter nr. 9

ROMEDIN Exhibition and Show at The Tranzit House – EXPECT ROMEDIN, “Talk about Yourself”

Newsletter 9_June 2015_ROMEDIN

On 13 June 2015, starting with 2 pm, the Tranzit House (Baritiu Street, 16) hosted a drawing exhibition featuring works of the children who attended the visual education workshop. A performance was organized with the same occasion, as a part of the community theatre program, also included in the ROMEDIN project.

ROMEDIN Newsletter Nr. 8

“The education of children is the responsibility of the entire community: teachers, parents, priests, Local Council representatives, speech therapists, support teachers, and others. All these education agents contribute to community development and to educating the young generation in the spirit of a developed social capital: social trust, general reciprocity, spontaneous cooperation, organic solidarity, civic participation”, affirm Angela Vereșezan and Iolanda Molnar teachers at “Ana Aslan” Technical College. They prepared this material for our ROMEDIN Newsletter series. 


This reflects the program experiences and results, on the one hand, and the vision on inclusive education, on the other hand. By publishing this material, the ROMEDIN team aims to contribute to the acknowledgement of their work. We support also by this means the demand that the Cluj education system, together with local and national authorities, applies concrete measures to financially and symbolically assist inclusive education in making social justice real.

ROMEDIN Newsletter Nr. 7

In ROMEDIN Newsletter Nr 7 we present some of the aspects of one of the components of the afterschool program, the so-called preparatin for life, which at its turn is composed of personal development activities (at elementary school level) and of educational activities for human rights and social rights (at gymnazium level).This presentation completes the information published in Nr 4 of ROMEDIN Newsletter from January 2015, in what regards the afterschool program as a whole, its place in the framework of the project, its aim and objectives, and as well as its fundamental concept.


ROMEDIN Newsletter nr 6

Newsletter nr 6 presents a material made withim the Community Theater Workshop and the Visual Education Workshop run in Tranzit House in Cluj-Napoca in the framwork of ROMEDIN project, in particular after the first six meetings within these Workshops. A part of this material was prepared for the 9th issue of the journal Gazeta de Artă Politică from Bucharest, an issue that addresses the topic of “Evictions and strategies of resistance”.