Consultancy for community organization

Desire Foundation offers consultancy on a voluntary bases to the Community Association of Roma from Coastei as part of its endeavours to empower the community evicted from its former location in December 2010 to Pata Rat, near the municipality’s landfill. This Community Association was established in 2012 with the support of the European Roma Rights Centre.

Faces and Causes of Roma marginalization

Faces and Causes of Roma marginalization. Tools and methods for evaluation and data collection (December 2012 – June 2013)

Coordinated by the Research Centre for Economic and Regional Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and the Centre for Policy Studies at Central
European University. Supported by United Nations Development Program, Bratislava. Foundation Desire acts in this research as the Romanian partner coordinating the investigations conducted in five counties, in a total of 25 localities.