Faces and Causes of Roma Marginalization in Local Context, E-book

This new e-book edited by Julia Szalai and Violetta Zentai has been published by CEU CPS.


The book resulted from the contextual inquiry about Roma marginalization conducted in three countries. Foundation Desire acted as implementing partner from Romania. The Center for Policy Studies at the Central European University (Budapest, Hungary) led the research initiative with contributions from experts of the UNDP Bratislava Regional Center. Two thematic programs of the Open Society Foundations—the Roma Initiatives Office and the Making the Most of EU Funds for Roma program—have provided support and funding.

The country reports presented as chapters in this volume are based on the much longer, English language final reports drafted for Phase 2 on Hungary, Romania, and Serbia. These reports are available upon request from the local organizations that implemented the research in the three target countries. The report on Romania (refering to 25 localities where we have conducted the Phase 2 research) is available in Romanian in a book published at EFES Cluj-Napoca (online accesibility: https://www.desire-ro.eu/wp-content/uploads/volum-marginalizare-romi-studii-de-caz_EFES-Desire-iunie2o14.pdf).