The project “Consult us. Roma are not garbage” supported by Roma Initiatives Office between September – December 2016 was run by Desire Foundation in partnership with the Community Association of Roma from Coastei and with emerging groups of Roma activists from Cantonului street and from Dallas colony of Pata Rât, Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The project built up and empowered a heterogeneous advocacy team that fights against environmental racism as a form of anti-Gypsysm, and demands safeguarding measures and consultations with the affected people in case of infrastructural investments via community mobilization that transcends ethnic boundaries.

Besides, our perspective enabled us to reaffirm with more and stronger arguments how the violation of housing rights are going hand in hand with the violation of labor rights, or how informal labor is interlinked with informal housing, or how the precariatized labor force is forced to make a living within marginal spaces denied of developmental resources.

Since this happened under the umbrella of Foundation Desire, this project had a contribution (1) to empower marginalized persons belonging to a precariatized working class to become part of a local progressive trans-ethnic anti-racist movement for socio-economic rights, and (2) to re-position our foundation as a civil society organization that assumes a critical role in this movement.

consult us_lessons learned_RIO-desire_2016