ROMEDIN Newsletter Nr. 8

“The education of children is the responsibility of the entire community: teachers, parents, priests, Local Council representatives, speech therapists, support teachers, and others. All these education agents contribute to community development and to educating the young generation in the spirit of a developed social capital: social trust, general reciprocity, spontaneous cooperation, organic solidarity, civic participation”, affirm Angela Vereșezan and Iolanda Molnar teachers at “Ana Aslan” Technical College. They prepared this material for our ROMEDIN Newsletter series. 


This reflects the program experiences and results, on the one hand, and the vision on inclusive education, on the other hand. By publishing this material, the ROMEDIN team aims to contribute to the acknowledgement of their work. We support also by this means the demand that the Cluj education system, together with local and national authorities, applies concrete measures to financially and symbolically assist inclusive education in making social justice real.