Case studies on action research carried under LERI

Local Engagement for Roma Inclusion  (LERI) was a qualitative action research project under FRA’s multi-annual Roma Programme, which ended at the end of 2016. It was developed in response to the European Commission’s Communication on an EU Framework for National Roma integration strategies up to 2020.  The aim of the project was to use the experience gained and the lessons learned during the process for improving the design, implementation and monitoring of Roma integration policies and actions at the local level.

In Romania, both in Aiud and Cluj, Desire Foundation contributed in its administrative, organizational and professional capacity to the implementation of the local action plans resulted from the action-based participatory needs assessment.

The final case studies and video-clips reflecting on the project are available here: 

List of localities:

Bulgaria: Pavlikeni; Stara Zagora;
Czech Republic: Brno; Sokolov;
Finland: Helsinki; Jyväskylä;
France: Lille; Strasbourg;
Greece: Aghia Varvara; Megara;
Italy: Bologna; Mantova;
Romania: Aiud; Cluj-Napoca;
SlovakiaRakytník; Hrabušice;
SpainCórdoba; Madrid;
United Kingdom: GlasgowMedway.