ENHOJUST final project report

Table of contents

I. The project team.. 3

II. Documentation work. 3

II.1. Questionnaire on health in Pata Rât 3

II.2. Legislation. 8

II.3. Literature. 9

II.4. Information gathering from public authorities. 9

II.5 Mapping cases of housing in toxic environment across Romania. 12

II.6. Interviews made in Miercurea-Ciuc (Harghita county) and Pata Rât of Cluj-Napoca. 21

III. Measuring air pollution in Pata Rât, Cluj-Napoca. 21

IV. Environmental organizations. 25

IV.1. Organizations from Romania. 25

IV.2. Organizations from other countries. 26

V. Media campaign. 27

VI. Materials resulted from the research. 44

VI.1. ENHOJUST  – full report in Romanian, also transposed in a volume. 44

VI.2. ENHOJUST policy brief in English. 46

VI.3. ENHOJUST policy brief in Romanian. 47

VI.4. ENHOJUST brochure of general interest: Demanding a policy for housing in a healthy environment 49

VI.5. EHHOJUST brochure for Cluj-Napoca. 53

VI.6. Petition submitted to the National Council for Combatting Discrimination (CNCD) 57

VII. Dissemination. 57

VII.1. Creating and disseminating 11 individual video messages. 57

VII.2. Creating and disseminating the synthetic ENHOJUST video message. 58

VII.3. Disseminating the printed and digital ENHOJUST report and policy brief 58

VII.4. Presenting the ENHOJUST findings at public events. 60