Intentions of Desire Foundation for 2014

Since 2008, starting with research programs and continuing with activist actions, the activities of Foundation Desiré predominantly focused on the issue of Roma social exclusion in Romania, on the marginalized communities from Pata Rât/Cluj-Napoca, and afterwards on the forced evictions affecting families from Coastei street/Cluj-Napoca and on claims regarding the socio-territorial desegregation of the Pata Rât area.


In 2014, our Foundation will continue its involvement into enhancing the socio-territorial inclusion of marginalized Roma communities from Pata Rât/Cluj-Napoca and from Romania. Besides continuing to empower and support people living in the Pata Rât area in their effort to participate in the city’s life as equals with other citizens, by methods ensuring the participation of communities on these activities, Foundation Desiré aims at the assessment and monitoring of: (1) the way in which the City Hall and the Local Council of Cluj-Napoca will include into the 2014-2020 Development strategy of the city the proposals regarding the Integrated plan for the socio-territorial inclusion of marginalized communities from Pata Rât, and also the proposals concerning the creation and functioning of Inclusive and participative institutional mechanisms and instruments; (2) the impact of the implementation of policies defined in the Strategy on marginalized Roma communities from Pata Rât; (3) the impact and results of public and private projects carried on in Cluj-Napoca targeting the socio-territorial desegregation of the Pata Rât area.

Beyond the city of Cluj, Foundation Desiré will continue: (1) to participate on activist actions run by international organizations against forced evictions and socio-territorial segregation; (2) to be involved into trans-national research activities with impact on the improvement of instruments for assessing and monitoring local public policies that concern the socio-territorial inclusion/exclusion of marginalized Roma; (3) to collaborate with other initiatives from Romania that promote and sustain the housing rights of all, and in particular of marginalized and disadvantaged social categories