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Between 15 October and 15 December 2014, the project team carries out several actions for launching and promoting the project. The actions unfold as it follows:

 –     Project launching working seminar (16 October)

–       Press release (27 October)

–       Presentations in the Pata Rât marginalized communities – particularly on Cantonului Street, in the Dallas area and the New Pata Rât / Coastei (promotion takes place through work visits and informal discussions in the communities, with the occasion of mapping the school-educational status of children from these areas and by the means of group interviews with parents, 15 October-15 November)

–       Meeting with the educational units’ directors, whom we would like to invite to join the Inclusive School Network (with the occasion of a meeting organized by the School County Inspectorate on 28 October 2014)

–       In schools (with the occasion of the work visits and group interviews with teachers and also of school events during which the ROMEDIN project is presented) between 29 October and 15 December