Căși sociale ACUM / Social Housing NOW (2017-2019)

Our main goal is to transform the Social Housing NOW! campaign run between 2016-2017 into an engine of a movement for public housing and housing justice, and continue having a contribution to the trans-local platform Blocul pentru Locuire formed in July 2017.

We start from sustaining, securing and enlarging the effects of two former projects of Foundation Desire: “Justice for Roma through the legal enforcement of housing rights (Cantonului street, Cluj-Napoca)“, supported by Human Rights Initiative between April 2016 – February 2017, and “Consult us. Roma are not garbage” financed by Roma Initiative Office between September-December 2016.


Căși sociale ACUM!/ Social housing NOW!: The fight of marginalized Roma for an anti-racist politics of public housing in Romania” continues a model of intervention that applies and promotes a social justice- and rights-based approach towards housing. It acknowledges the latter not only as a fundamental right, but also as a primordial need violated and unfulfilled in several cases not only in terms of adequacy of the house itself where people live, but also due to the character of the territory where this is placed (such as nearby polluted sites). Our new project continues to illustrate how socio-economic justice including housing justice might be promoted and how people’s empowerment might be served through the legal enforcement of socio-economic rights, and in particular housing rights and the right to be housed in a healthy environment. This is a project that keeps on mobilizing activism for these rights. Moreover, it empowers the most marginalized categories of the precariatized working class, including Roma to become a political actor struggling for an anti-racist politics of public housing as an instrument of securing people’s (spatial and social) belonging to the city and of imagining and building up a society based on the values of equality and solidarity.